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The new season here at Shepherd's Ridge Creamery started today!!!

To every season,,,,  We are a seasonal farm operation.  We try as much as possible to work with nature and the seasons not trying to try to make the operation work in spite of the seasons.  Our milking season started today.  We didn't start milking but the prep work started in earnest.  The list of things needed to be done before starting milking and making cheese has been put together and the checking off has started.  The flip side of that is additions to a list thought to be exhaustive in scope and depth has started as well.  The lanes that the sheep are moved through for milking are up and modified from notes taken last year of things that would increase efficiency.  Today we ran the sheep through the lanes and made notes for changes.  The sheep got their booster CD and T shots today.  They did OK for not have been through the milk parlor in 4 months.  Body condition, hooves ear tags all given the once over.  The parlor was cleaned and again notes taken of things to be done.  It's winter, our down time and a chance to recharge for the coming season.

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