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Everyone has different icons around their homes that are just part of the canvas of their lives.  Here at Shepherd's Ridge we have several.  One of these is the "Chicken Thermometer".  This is a regular old red arrow type thermometer.  You have to be with in four feet to read it. There are no batteries to die, no remote reading it and it just looks like a farm thermometer.  This piece of functional art work is mounted on a post on the north side of the milk parlor.  When you go out the door it's there to let you know only  one thing, whats the temperature this min.  It does not give any other information.  No forecast, no headlines and no stock quotes.  This functional simplicity is a touch stone for me here.  I love looking at something and not having to interpret what I'm seeing.  It's the temp!  Nothing more needs be said!  That was then.  This is now, when Jay, the guy that works with us pointed out that what I am really seeing is the manly meter.  When you look and see minus 22, you are really looking at affirmation of "manliness".  You go out the door and say "yes, (fill in the name) couldn't hang doing chores with numbers like this".  Out you go and tackle the essentials

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  1. Congrats on getting your first cheese out! Here's a quick review from my blog. Cheers!